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2017 And Still No Really Big Earth Shaking Medical Breakthroughs

Friday, January 6th, 2017
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Here we are going into 2017 and still no really big earth shaking medical breakthroughs, none that I’ve been aware of leastways. Disease is still with us as is AIDS, Cancer and the big diseases and Chemo Therapy is still “Death In A Bottle”. Extraterrestrial space aliens still haven’t come forward and went public, nor given us any really useful technology.  Self-driving cars are still in the experimental stage, nor has the flying car become a practical reality, & economic collapse or WW 3 still hasn’t happened.  Scientist have now discovered the so called “Element 115” 2003 which Bob Lazar first spoke of in the 1980’s and “supposedly” at that time was nothing but a hoax and Bob Lazar was nothing more than a crackpot. Transparent Aluminum first talked about in the movie Star Trek The Voyage Home also 1980’s is now a science fact, there are no aliens from outer space & officially UFO’s still don’t exist.  No one quite knows what is going to happen when Mr. Buzzard Elect takes office, and that’s if the Buzzard even does take office (and no I didn’t care or vote for that “female demon creature” who won the popular vote either).  Most Americans are royally POed because they feel Russia rigged and/or meddled in the election, but feel it’s perfectly OK for the US to topple, assassinate and/or meddle in the elections and affairs of governments in other countries, extremely hypocritical if you ask me. 
The Department Of Veterans Affairs is still just as corrupted as it’s even been.

And in the words of one Sonny & Cher “The Beat Goes One”

I Added A WiFi Card To The Maximus VIII HERO (Z170)

Saturday, November 5th, 2016
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I added a WiFi card to the Z170 today, which I ordered from NewEgg. GIGABYTE Model GC-WB867D-I (ver. 2) Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card Installation time took 12814255_10153874110636900_3840221822910428938_nabout three minutes and required plugging it into one of the three PCI slots and securing it with the thumb screw.  After powering up the Maximus VIII and installing the included driver, plus restarting the Z170 the wireless portion hooked right up to the Internet.  Not thrilled with that 30 to 35 degree Celsius temperature reading though. My contact in Louisiana, tells me that’s about normal for the liquid cooled systems.

Veteran Denied Care, Commits Suicide In VA Parking Lot:

Saturday, August 27th, 2016
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rndr_670x300A 76-year-old veteran of the United States Navy committed suicide outside of a New York VA hospital after allegedly being denied care.  On Aug. 21, Peter A. Kaisen, who served in the Navy from 1958 to 1962, shot and killed himself outside the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center after he was allegedly denied care by the facility even though he was a recurring patient.  “He went there for help with depression,” Thomas Farley, a friend of Kaisen’s for 40 years, told Fox News. “That was his last hope, and he didn’t get any help.” In the 1960s, Kaisen was injured in a car accident while working as an officer for the Long Beach Police Department. His injuries left him permanently disabled and he required constant medication. Sources told The New York Times that before taking his life, Kaisen was upset because the VA hospital would not allow him to see an emergency-room physician for a mental health condition. “He went to the E.R. and was denied service,” one person who currently works at the hospital, told the paper. “And then he went to his car and shot himself.”

Read The Full Article At OPPOSINGVIEWS.

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
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Washington (CNN)The former head of the Veterans Affairs office in Phoenix, who was fired in the wake of the VA wait-time scandal, could find an easier path back to her old job because of a decision by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Sharon Helman, who is suing the federal government to win her old job back, is arguing that a key portion of the reforms passed in the wake of the scandal is unconstitutional and denies her an important step to appeal her firing. Lynch alerted House Republican leaders Tuesday that the Justice Department will continue fighting against Helman’s reinstatement but is ceding that important argument to her.  I note that the scope of this decision is narrow. Although the Department of Justice has decided not to defend (VA reform law) against the Appointments Clause challenge in this case, the department will continue to defend the vast bulk of the statute,” Lynch wrote in a letter House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Tuesday. The letter was obtained by CNN on Wednesday.

Read The Full Article At CNN

Personal Note:  People this is why The Department Of Veterans Affairs and the VA Healthcare System is so screwed up and has reached such a disgraceful state of affairs, why veterans are dying, because Neanderthal Buffoons like Sharon Helman and criminals are given back their old jobs to continue on with their incompetence and criminal conduct.

New VA watchdog pledges more transparency:

Monday, May 9th, 2016
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WASHINGTON — The new inspector general at the Department of Veterans Affairs is hoping to quickly repair the office’s image after nearly two years of criticism for cursory investigations and 635981646445829028-Michael-Missal-1secrecy.  Michael Missal, who began work last Monday, said he plans to reach out to veterans’ groups, Congress and others to let them know his door is open and he plans to be more transparent.  I feel very strongly that the public has a right to know the work of the VA IG’s office,” Missal told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview, his first since taking the job.The inspector general is an independent authority responsible under federal law for rooting out fraud and mismanagement at the VA and keeping Congress — and therefore, the public — “fully and currently” informed. But USA TODAY investigations found that his predecessors failed to release the findings of 140 probes of VA health care and sat on the results of 77 wait-time investigations for months.  In one case, an investigation found doctors at a VA Medical Center in Tomah, Wis., prescribing dangerous amounts of opiates. The IG briefed VA officials on the findings but didn’t release a public report, trusting they would fix the issue.  Five months later, a 35-year old Marine Corps veteran, Jason Simcakoski, died from mixed drug toxicity as a patient there after doctors added another opiate to the 14 drugs he already was prescribed.  Missal said he plans to look into that case and why the report wasn’t released.

Read The Full Article At USA Today

On a personal Note:  The next Department Of Veterans Affairs IG Buzzard to scream for more money to funnel under the table and into his own nest.  See’s All, Knows All, Tells All, Eats, Sleeps, Shits, Farts And Solves Absolutely Nothing.

Salt & Pepper Mills

Saturday, April 30th, 2016
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91lXR-MPB2L._SX522_I first ordered this Lux Moderne Salt & Pepper Grinder Set, I’m not thrilled about having to invert the mill to grind the salt or $_1pepper, unlike the Oak wood mill which doesn’t require me to invert it to use it.  I’ve been watching a ton of cooking videos on YouTube, and noticed that quite a few of the cooks use wooden Salt & Pepper Mills.  So I ordered this Oak wood salt & pepper mill from eBay and it will be arriving on or about May 5th.  Can’t wait to see how it holds up grinding The Spice Lab’s Himalayan Coarse Grinder Sea Salt, which I’ve also noticed a good many cooks on YouTube use in their cooking presentations.  As for the salt itself, I would have to say it holds it’s on against regular powdered table salt, so I ordered two pounds or 1 kilogram, and if you aren’t familiar with kilogram measurements then don’t feel alone neither am I  and was obliged to look it up on the web before ordering it.  Stay away from the wooden salt/pepper grinder pictured at right its inferior to what is actually pictured.  I contacted the seller and they emailed me a return UPS shipping label.  This one is definitely heading back for a refund, you don’t actually get the one pictured what you do get is one very similarly made, still different from the one in the picture just not with the high gloss shine like the one in the picture.  UPDATE:  I decided to keep the wooden salt & pepper grinder, after a little experimentation, I found the grinder works out fairly well, although not as good as the Lux Moderne Salt and Pepper grinders pictured at right.  I also like the fact the Lux has a glass bottom and the contents are clearly visible.


Delighted To Learn The Little Rock/North Little Rock AR VA Hospitals Are Now Under Investigation

Thursday, March 31st, 2016
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I was absolutely delighted to learn the VA hospitals in Little Rock/North Rock, AR are now under investigation (something that’s been decades overdue) for cooking the books on appointments.  Not only that but those who were involved were given a simple slap on the wrist.  By all rights heads should roll starting at the top and going all the way down to the bottom, but my money is on not even a single one of them getting even a slap on the wrist, let alone the kind of reprimand that is rightfully due them.  The public is just now learning what I have known for decades, and the shitty part it is nobody gives a damned.  This is another instance of it making the news for a couple hours or days and nothing more will heard about it.  This is the primary reason why the VA hospitals are in the mess their in and why there is no corrective action ever taken.  Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System and The Atlanta VA Medical Center isn’t going to fess up to anything, or The Inspector Generals Office either for that matter.  As far as VA employee’s being fired for such wrong doing, “it ain’t gonna happen”.  Further as far as appropriate action being taken for wrong doing, once again “it ain’t gonna happen”,  and those that do report wrong doing in the VA system are systematically fired and blacklisted.  My claim for service connected compensation was denied again, no surprise there, VA doesn’t pay any compensation if the VA can find to deny them.  Doubtful that I’ll appeal the decision after this one and I’ve already informed my attorney through his answering machine to consider the case closed.  No sense in keeping on beating a dead horse, getting service connected compensation stands about as much chance as winning The Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes (ZERO).  The only ones who do get service connected compensation are fraudsters, fake veterans, liars, the rich who don’t even need it, those with high connections in Washington and criminals.  The Department Of Veterans Affairs should be renamed  Department Of Veteran Affairs Division Of The Mafia & Liars.

ASUS Maximus VIII Motherboard Power Up Test

Monday, February 29th, 2016
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I finally got up the nerve to test out the new ASUS Maximus VIII HERO Motherboard, it powered up just fine and I took the opportunity to update the Bios.  The10371522_10153878977851900_1914384336088927197_n Corsair Hydro H105 140mm liquid cooling system kept the Skylake 3.50 GHz at a cool 29.9 degree’s Celsius.   So all and all a very good first time power up, especially with the extremely limited space I was obliged to have to work in. All I’m doing now is waiting to order the Corsair Graphite 760t tower to transfer everything into it and have it up and running.  I haven’t tested out the OC Panel yet, as I’m waiting until I can transfer everything into the tower and can secure the OC Panel into a more permanent drive bay.  Not sure if I really want to go with the ROG Front Bast Display, since I’m not into the overclocking thing.  Nice to know that option is always available to me if I should decide to fill two drive bays.  And an update on the tower, I have this one on order and it should arrive by Thursday or Friday, Saturday by the latest.  The Corsair Graphite 760t Tower Case (pictured on the right) came in on Wednesday  and I spent most of Friday afternoon installing all of the really tricky hardware.  As I feared the H105 water pump was the hardest of all to install and secure, the 760t does accept the 140mm Corsair Hydro liquid cooling system, securing the radiator wasn’t the problem.  The problem was in securing the water pump onto the CPU, after that was taken care of my computer tech buddy in Louisiana informed me “yes it can be a bit tricky”.  Most everything is now installed and it’s just a matter of hooking up all of the nit picking stuff. I just hope everything powers up and run’s the way it’s supposed to, I have very serious doubts about this build.  Powered up the Maximus HERO Friday evening and everything powered up as it should have, the O C Front Panel gave a very good CPU Temp readout of 25.0 degrees Celsius, which is around 77 degree’s Fahrenheit.  Still haven’t installed the operating system on it, but that’s one of the easy parts.  All of the tricky and hard parts of the build are now finished, just hope it will hold up as long as my P8Z68VPRO has over the years.  The Z68VPRO has been a years long tried and true rock solid performer all the way through.  I think I’ll ship the Maximus back to my niece just to get it out of the way.  March 16, 2016 UPDATE:  Sad to say it however I had to RMA the Maximus VIII HERO motherboard because the 4th memory slot tested bad, and if I ever build another computer I sure as hell will not be buying the Corsair Graphite 760t tower case. Damned thing is the most difficult tower case I’ve ever had to work with. Cable routing and management is an outright real bitch to work with.  Not only was the board a bitch to install but the reverse was also true when I pulled the board out of the tower.  Thinking the worst was past after I removed the CPU and put it back into it’s protective plastic holder, when I packed the HERO, it was a knock down drag out fight to do it, never since I first began working with computers in the early 1980’s have I ran into a computer build that was so fraking difficult to work with.  Apparently ASUS has manage to find a way to renege on the warranty by claiming the CPU pins are bent, which aren’t covered under the warranty and charging the customer for whatever it cost to repair what is really wrong with the board, outright cheat skates if you ask me.  Perhaps in the future a company will come along that produces great gaming motherboards and really does stand behind the warranty on the board.  ASUS was unable to repair the damage and sent me a brand new HERO motherboard, which I installed, hooked everything back up and the board powered without any trouble and recognized all 16 gigs of RAM installed as well as the Skylake 3.50 GHz CPU .  I chose optimized defaults instead of attempting to do any overclocking.  Sunday I packed the whole thing back into the corsair 760t box with the original packing and shipped the whole affair to my niece in the haters state, and as far as I’m concerned that’s one computer build that’s completed and finished.

Just As It Was In New Orleans So It Is Here:

Friday, February 26th, 2016
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The ER at the VA hospital is so far out neither of the ambulance services will even think of transporting me and I sure as hell do not have any desire to travel by transient at night or to spend the entire night in the lobby waiting to see a doctor the next morning.  None the less just like it was in New Orleans my claims for Service connected disability are once again being held hostage and dissected three ways from Sunday until the VA here in Atlanta can find a way to deny them, you VA doctors are once again refusing to declare PTSD I suppose its thought of as a curse word to VA doctors, fortunately I have an attorney working for me this time around. I further noticed while in New Orleans any veteran that made it a point to hang around me had his claims awarded in a few short weeks or months while mine were shuttled back to the very bottom. Hence the reason for my withdrawal from veterans, I refuse to be a personal lodestone, for their troubles financial or otherwise.

The sailor who lied and received a hundred thousand dollars from the VA lived right across the lawn from me, and I know almost everyone had to have heard about that one on the news. As always claims that were filed long after mine, were also awarded in a few short weeks or months. I for one sure as hell do not appreciate being a personal lodestone for veterans (and its happened way to many limes in the past to be mere coincidence, veterans who were once soldiers and caused as much trauma as the military and Vietnam put together) to have their claims awarded while my lot stay’s the same and I remain in poverty. That shit simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Unfortunately openly gay people are not very well received through the VA, veterans or employees and probably never will be.  It happened in New Orleans because of God Damned cowards from the haters of Arkansas and those bastards are once again doing it in my present location.  Well just when are those God Damned Bastards going to be dragged into the public spotlight and their interference finally brought to a stop.  No one should have to live their entire life under hate and control of outright God Damned scum sucking closet queer cowards.

While I was on active duty at Ft. Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, Aviation Mechanic (late Nov 1967 to on/about Sept 1968) soldiers made it damned clear to me I was nothing more than a dud and was merely tolerated only because the UCMJ demanded they do so. My gold was an honorable discharge at all cost, looking back now I firmly believe I woij1d have stated homosexual tendencies’. And you know what, the honorable discharge wasn’t even worth the cost now seeing the former life & health its cost me, although I doubt if even homosexual tendencies would have kept me out of the military. Damned shame Mr. Britton you & your people can’t or won’t help me out with the service connected claims award, rest assured it is badly needed a simple statement to my attorney that PTSD is a strong contributing factor would suffice, although I’ll not beg for crumbs from anyone.  By they way on my last visit with Dr. Prasad at the VA mental health clinic on 250 N. Arcadia Ave. I was obliged to remain until around 6:00 PM following my appointment, and those security personal watched me continuously like nervous ticked off buzzards and made it damned clear they were uptight and wanted me out of there ASAP or five minutes ago and because my ride was late in picking me up. I can promise their actions mostly assuredly did not make my evening go any better.

My sleeping rhythms completely backward to those of normal people are the same as those of Count Dracula, wide awake all night and sleeping all day long, and the only thing I can feel in this God Damned is nothing a fucking evil old will.  Forgot to mention when you go to the Atlanta VA Medial Center ER at night, don’t forget your picnic basket, pillow and blanket you’ll be sleeping there all night.

VA Claims Are Being Held Hostage In Atlanta.

Sunday, January 17th, 2016
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My claims for Service Connected Disability are be held hostage in the same way it was in New Orleans, while other veterans had their claims awarded, some who filed long after mine was filed. The truth is you buffoons never had any intention of awarding any kind of Service Connected claims. The fact is those rotten buffoons never had any intention of awarding any kind of claims. My non-service connected claim by all rights should have been retroactive to when it was wrongly terminated on June 1982. However those buffoons in the VA went out of their way to make it the lowest possible rating they could give it.

Those corrupted Jackass bastards in the North Little Rock VA Regional made sure my younger brother didn’t get compensation until he was laying on his deathbed. Then those greedy VA Klan and hate group controlled VA Egor’s from Frankenstein’s laboratory denied him the 250 dollar burial allowance. That’s just how low and disgraceful The Department Of Veterans Affairs is.

I’m wondering if those buffoons here in Atlanta are going to pull the same shit on me, those Neanderthal Buffoons in North Little Rock pulled on my younger brother. That is string me out until I’m on my deathbed, deny it and then deny me the 250 dollar burial allowance as well. Because its giving every indication that’s the way its going to be. The certainly have every kind of medical evidence to make a decision and even then those people will make the lowest possible rating they can legally get away with, probably no higher than 10 or 15%.

The lying slut bitch closet queer coward out of Arkansas who’s been drawing compensation under my name & file number isn’t about to give an inch. Certainly not on VA compensation it would take away to much of his fraking power and to much fraking money not coming into his pocket from the VA. Naturally I don’t expect those Atlanta VA Jackass’s to admit that, however there is to much big power involved in these claims (lying, thieving cowards) and most all of it is all out corrupted power, money and contacts under the table and through the FBI, The Postal Service in the diseased ridden living graveyard and The Department Of Veterans Affairs itself most assuredly through The North Little Rock VA Regional Office.  The lying slut bitch closet queer coward has followed me to my present location or sent one of his flunky’s, and is now doing his best to cause trouble for me here,  Being locked in poverty however,  I haven’t the means or resources to discovery who he is and shut his ass down.  In the mean time I’m written up as delusional or psychotic by my VA shrink and the slut bitch closet queer coward continues to get away with his underhanded under the table dirty business and its business as usual for him.  Well all things do end eventually as will his free ride and not even he has the power to make it last forever, all he can do is continue to cause his hell from behind the scenes undercover from his darkened closet and make it feel and seem like forever.

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