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Primary Reason Why Veterans Aren’t Awarded Service Connected Compensation:

Sunday, July 24th, 2016
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The primary reason why veterans aren’t awarded Service Connected Compensation is the first person, the adjudications officer is writing lies about the veteran.  My own experience is hearing loss and even though I’ve attended every hearing exam the VA has set up for me the adjudications officer is writing I haven’t attended them.  I was informed this by one of the VA personal in the Atlanta VA Regional Office whom I talked with by phone, and who also blamed Congress for all of the trouble with the Veterans Affairs Department.  I am damned dismayed officials in the Veterans Affairs Department are blaming Congress for what they themselves are responsible for.   Merely thinking a veteran for their service isn’t good enough and to me its an all out insult & a cold slap in the face by VA officials.  VA psychiatrist aren’t even allowed to fill out the forms for a veteran who is experiencing PTSD, another cold slap in the face.  Call the Under Secretary’s cell phone number cell# (513)509-8454 and leave a message or send him an email message and complain, those people on the adjudications board are directly responsible for veterans being denied compensation and extreme severe reprimands should be either written against them or they should fired.  Something else a veteran might wish to consider applying for is Veterans Aid & Attendance, a single veteran who needs help in dressing, bathing, and in home care can draw $1788 dollars per month tax free.


ASUS Maximus VIII Motherboard Power Up Test

Monday, February 29th, 2016
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I finally got up the nerve to test out the new ASUS Maximus VIII HERO Motherboard, it powered up just fine and I took the opportunity to update the Bios.  The10371522_10153878977851900_1914384336088927197_n Corsair Hydro H105 140mm liquid cooling system kept the Skylake 3.50 GHz at a cool 29.9 degree’s Celsius.   So all and all a very good first time power up, especially with the extremely limited space I was obliged to have to work in. All I’m doing now is waiting to order the Corsair Graphite 760t tower to transfer everything into it and have it up and running.  I haven’t tested out the OC Panel yet, as I’m waiting until I can transfer everything into the tower and can secure the OC Panel into a more permanent drive bay.  Not sure if I really want to go with the ROG Front Bast Display, since I’m not into the overclocking thing.  Nice to know that option is always available to me if I should decide to fill two drive bays.  And an update on the tower, I have this one on order and it should arrive by Thursday or Friday, Saturday by the latest.  The Corsair Graphite 760t Tower Case (pictured on the right) came in on Wednesday  and I spent most of Friday afternoon installing all of the really tricky hardware.  As I feared the H105 water pump was the hardest of all to install and secure, the 760t does accept the 140mm Corsair Hydro liquid cooling system, securing the radiator wasn’t the problem.  The problem was in securing the water pump onto the CPU, after that was taken care of my computer tech buddy in Louisiana informed me “yes it can be a bit tricky”.  Most everything is now installed and it’s just a matter of hooking up all of the nit picking stuff. I just hope everything powers up and run’s the way it’s supposed to, I have very serious doubts about this build.  Powered up the Maximus HERO Friday evening and everything powered up as it should have, the O C Front Panel gave a very good CPU Temp readout of 25.0 degrees Celsius, which is around 77 degree’s Fahrenheit.  Still haven’t installed the operating system on it, but that’s one of the easy parts.  All of the tricky and hard parts of the build are now finished, just hope it will hold up as long as my P8Z68VPRO has over the years.  The Z68VPRO has been a years long tried and true rock solid performer all the way through.  I think I’ll ship the Maximus back to my niece just to get it out of the way.  March 16, 2016 UPDATE:  Sad to say it however I had to RMA the Maximus VIII HERO motherboard because the 4th memory slot tested bad, and if I ever build another computer I sure as hell will not be buying the Corsair Graphite 760t tower case. Damned thing is the most difficult tower case I’ve ever had to work with. Cable routing and management is an outright real bitch to work with.  Not only was the board a bitch to install but the reverse was also true when I pulled the board out of the tower.  Thinking the worst was past after I removed the CPU and put it back into it’s protective plastic holder, when I packed the HERO, it was a knock down drag out fight to do it, never since I first began working with computers in the early 1980’s have I ran into a computer build that was so fraking difficult to work with.  Apparently ASUS has manage to find a way to renege on the warranty by claiming the CPU pins are bent, which aren’t covered under the warranty and charging the customer for whatever it cost to repair what is really wrong with the board, outright cheat skates if you ask me.  Perhaps in the future a company will come along that produces great gaming motherboards and really does stand behind the warranty on the board.  ASUS was unable to repair the damage and sent me a brand new HERO motherboard, which I installed, hooked everything back up and the board powered without any trouble and recognized all 16 gigs of RAM installed as well as the Skylake 3.50 GHz CPU .  I chose optimized defaults instead of attempting to do any overclocking.  Sunday I packed the whole thing back into the corsair 760t box with the original packing and shipped the whole affair to my niece in the haters state, and as far as I’m concerned that’s one computer build that’s completed and finished.


Monday, November 9th, 2015
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P_setting_000_1_90_end_500.pngI can’t speak with any experience on how this board is going to perform however this is the current motherboard I recently purchased from Maximus VIII HERO Z170 although I read some very positive reviews and very few cons from those who have completed a build using the Maximus VIII HERO Z170.  I will update this article after I have completed the computer build. I plan on installing the Corsair H105 liquid cooling system for the Skylark Intel i5 CPU people this CPU is selling out faster than pancakes coming through The International House Of Pancakes.  Included in the build will also be the ROG O C Panel and completing the build with the Windows 7 64 bit operating system, as I have no intention of going any where’s near Windows 10, to many bad reviews about that one.  Although at this point I haven’t decided which brand of RAM to use, I’m seriously considering Ripjaw or Trident, finally decided to go with Corsair Vengeance RAM.

SCOTUS Make’s It Official, Same Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide:

Friday, June 26th, 2015
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Now that SCOTUS has made same sex marriage legal Nationwide Dolly Parton get’s her wish, “they should have to suffer like the rest of us” or words to that effect.  As for myself I choose not to suffer with all of the rest of them, marriage is OK for them that wants it, however I’m a die hard loveable old Cesar Romero type bachelor to the bitter end.  Besides all of the young good looking one’s are now dried up dirty minded ugly old crabby assed cellulite geezers like me LMAO.  I doubt if it will make any of the (closet queers)  in the living graveyard 50 miles west of Little Rock, AR happy though. Not to mention some of those in Little Rock as well as Conway and Russellville.  Why?   Because if they want to keep all of the things they’ve stolen and had dumped in their laps by the bucket fulls through the years they will damned well stay in the closet.  And that does include some of those religious leaders and a great deal of the church congregations in that little town with no limits on how much you can hate and stab your neighbors in the back.  I turned my back on that hate filled little backwater diseased ridden living graveyard town a few years after I returned from the military.  When I was forced back to it in early 2003 by a slut bitch self loathing, self hating closet queer coward in or near it, I closed and locked my doors and mind to that living graveyard town and those people in it forever.  Even to the few who came to my door in the wee hours of the morning when they thought no one would know, wanting to drop their pants, drop a load and go.   If they’re to ashamed to be seen coming to my door in the light of day, I’m to ashamed to be opening my door for them in the wee hours of the morning.  I’ll take extreme delight in reading about a veteran same sex  couple bringing charges against the North Little Rock VA Regional Office, and that entire bunch of Neanderthal Dixie Mafia idiots that control it.  And it doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, sue the pants off of them whoever you turn out to be.

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