VA Claims Are Being Held Hostage In Atlanta.

Posted by on January 17, 2016

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My claims for Service Connected Disability are be held hostage in the same way it was in New Orleans, while other veterans had their claims awarded, some who filed long after mine was filed. The truth is you buffoons never had any intention of awarding any kind of Service Connected claims. The fact is those rotten buffoons never had any intention of awarding any kind of claims. My non-service connected claim by all rights should have been retroactive to when it was wrongly terminated on June 1982. However those buffoons in the VA went out of their way to make it the lowest possible rating they could give it.

Those corrupted Jackass bastards in the North Little Rock VA Regional made sure my younger brother didn’t get compensation until he was laying on his deathbed. Then those greedy VA Klan and hate group controlled VA Egor’s from Frankenstein’s laboratory denied him the 250 dollar burial allowance. That’s just how low and disgraceful The Department Of Veterans Affairs is.

I’m wondering if those buffoons here in Atlanta are going to pull the same shit on me, those Neanderthal Buffoons in North Little Rock pulled on my younger brother. That is string me out until I’m on my deathbed, deny it and then deny me the 250 dollar burial allowance as well. Because its giving every indication that’s the way its going to be. The certainly have every kind of medical evidence to make a decision and even then those people will make the lowest possible rating they can legally get away with, probably no higher than 10 or 15%.

The lying slut bitch closet queer coward out of Arkansas who’s been drawing compensation under my name & file number isn’t about to give an inch. Certainly not on VA compensation it would take away to much of his fraking power and to much fraking money not coming into his pocket from the VA. Naturally I don’t expect those Atlanta VA Jackass’s to admit that, however there is to much big power involved in these claims (lying, thieving cowards) and most all of it is all out corrupted power, money and contacts under the table and through the FBI, The Postal Service in the diseased ridden living graveyard and The Department Of Veterans Affairs itself most assuredly through The North Little Rock VA Regional Office.  The lying slut bitch closet queer coward has followed me to my present location or sent one of his flunky’s, and is now doing his best to cause trouble for me here,  Being locked in poverty however,  I haven’t the means or resources to discovery who he is and shut his ass down.  In the mean time I’m written up as delusional or psychotic by my VA shrink and the slut bitch closet queer coward continues to get away with his underhanded under the table dirty business and its business as usual for him.  Well all things do end eventually as will his free ride and not even he has the power to make it last forever, all he can do is continue to cause his hell from behind the scenes undercover from his darkened closet and make it feel and seem like forever.

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