Just As It Was In New Orleans So It Is Here:

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The ER at the VA hospital is so far out neither of the ambulance services will even think of transporting me and I sure as hell do not have any desire to travel by transient at night or to spend the entire night in the lobby waiting to see a doctor the next morning.  None the less just like it was in New Orleans my claims for Service connected disability are once again being held hostage and dissected three ways from Sunday until the VA here in Atlanta can find a way to deny them, you VA doctors are once again refusing to declare PTSD I suppose its thought of as a curse word to VA doctors, fortunately I have an attorney working for me this time around. I further noticed while in New Orleans any veteran that made it a point to hang around me had his claims awarded in a few short weeks or months while mine were shuttled back to the very bottom. Hence the reason for my withdrawal from veterans, I refuse to be a personal lodestone, for their troubles financial or otherwise.

The sailor who lied and received a hundred thousand dollars from the VA lived right across the lawn from me, and I know almost everyone had to have heard about that one on the news. As always claims that were filed long after mine, were also awarded in a few short weeks or months. I for one sure as hell do not appreciate being a personal lodestone for veterans (and its happened way to many limes in the past to be mere coincidence, veterans who were once soldiers and caused as much trauma as the military and Vietnam put together) to have their claims awarded while my lot stay’s the same and I remain in poverty. That shit simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Unfortunately openly gay people are not very well received through the VA, veterans or employees and probably never will be.  It happened in New Orleans because of God Damned cowards from the haters of Arkansas and those bastards are once again doing it in my present location.  Well just when are those God Damned Bastards going to be dragged into the public spotlight and their interference finally brought to a stop.  No one should have to live their entire life under hate and control of outright God Damned scum sucking closet queer cowards.

While I was on active duty at Ft. Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, Aviation Mechanic (late Nov 1967 to on/about Sept 1968) soldiers made it damned clear to me I was nothing more than a dud and was merely tolerated only because the UCMJ demanded they do so. My gold was an honorable discharge at all cost, looking back now I firmly believe I woij1d have stated homosexual tendencies’. And you know what, the honorable discharge wasn’t even worth the cost now seeing the former life & health its cost me, although I doubt if even homosexual tendencies would have kept me out of the military. Damned shame Mr. Britton you & your people can’t or won’t help me out with the service connected claims award, rest assured it is badly needed a simple statement to my attorney that PTSD is a strong contributing factor would suffice, although I’ll not beg for crumbs from anyone.  By they way on my last visit with Dr. Prasad at the VA mental health clinic on 250 N. Arcadia Ave. I was obliged to remain until around 6:00 PM following my appointment, and those security personal watched me continuously like nervous ticked off buzzards and made it damned clear they were uptight and wanted me out of there ASAP or five minutes ago and because my ride was late in picking me up. I can promise their actions mostly assuredly did not make my evening go any better.

My sleeping rhythms completely backward to those of normal people are the same as those of Count Dracula, wide awake all night and sleeping all day long, and the only thing I can feel in this God Damned is nothing a fucking evil old will.  Forgot to mention when you go to the Atlanta VA Medial Center ER at night, don’t forget your picnic basket, pillow and blanket you’ll be sleeping there all night.

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