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91lXR-MPB2L._SX522_I first ordered this Lux Moderne Salt & Pepper Grinder Set, I’m not thrilled about having to invert the mill to grind the salt or $_1pepper, unlike the Oak wood mill which doesn’t require me to invert it to use it.  I’ve been watching a ton of cooking videos on YouTube, and noticed that quite a few of the cooks use wooden Salt & Pepper Mills.  So I ordered this Oak wood salt & pepper mill from eBay and it will be arriving on or about May 5th.  Can’t wait to see how it holds up grinding The Spice Lab’s Himalayan Coarse Grinder Sea Salt, which I’ve also noticed a good many cooks on YouTube use in their cooking presentations.  As for the salt itself, I would have to say it holds it’s on against regular powdered table salt, so I ordered two pounds or 1 kilogram, and if you aren’t familiar with kilogram measurements then don’t feel alone neither am I  and was obliged to look it up on the web before ordering it.  Stay away from the wooden salt/pepper grinder pictured at right its inferior to what is actually pictured.  I contacted the seller and they emailed me a return UPS shipping label.  This one is definitely heading back for a refund, you don’t actually get the one pictured what you do get is one very similarly made, still different from the one in the picture just not with the high gloss shine like the one in the picture.  UPDATE:  I decided to keep the wooden salt & pepper grinder, after a little experimentation, I found the grinder works out fairly well, although not as good as the Lux Moderne Salt and Pepper grinders pictured at right.  I also like the fact the Lux has a glass bottom and the contents are clearly visible.


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