Primary Reason Why Veterans Aren’t Awarded Service Connected Compensation:

Posted by on July 24, 2016

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The primary reason why veterans aren’t awarded Service Connected Compensation is the first person, the adjudications officer is writing lies about the veteran.  My own experience is hearing loss and even though I’ve attended every hearing exam the VA has set up for me the adjudications officer is writing I haven’t attended them.  I was informed this by one of the VA personal in the Atlanta VA Regional Office whom I talked with by phone, and who also blamed Congress for all of the trouble with the Veterans Affairs Department.  I am damned dismayed officials in the Veterans Affairs Department are blaming Congress for what they themselves are responsible for.   Merely thinking a veteran for their service isn’t good enough and to me its an all out insult & a cold slap in the face by VA officials.  VA psychiatrist aren’t even allowed to fill out the forms for a veteran who is experiencing PTSD, another cold slap in the face.  Call the Under Secretary’s cell phone number cell# (513)509-8454 and leave a message or send him an email message and complain, those people on the adjudications board are directly responsible for veterans being denied compensation and extreme severe reprimands should be either written against them or they should fired.  Something else a veteran might wish to consider applying for is Veterans Aid & Attendance, a single veteran who needs help in dressing, bathing, and in home care can draw $1788 dollars per month tax free.


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