2017 And Still No Really Big Earth Shaking Medical Breakthroughs

Posted by on January 6, 2017

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Here we are going into 2017 and still no really big earth shaking medical breakthroughs, none that I’ve been aware of leastways. Disease is still with us as is AIDS, Cancer and the big diseases and Chemo Therapy is still “Death In A Bottle”. Extraterrestrial space aliens still haven’t come forward and went public, nor given us any really useful technology.  Self-driving cars are still in the experimental stage, nor has the flying car become a practical reality, & economic collapse or WW 3 still hasn’t happened.  Scientist have now discovered the so called “Element 115” 2003 which Bob Lazar first spoke of in the 1980’s and “supposedly” at that time was nothing but a hoax and Bob Lazar was nothing more than a crackpot. Transparent Aluminum first talked about in the movie Star Trek The Voyage Home also 1980’s is now a science fact, there are no aliens from outer space & officially UFO’s still don’t exist.  No one quite knows what is going to happen when Mr. Buzzard Elect takes office, and that’s if the Buzzard even does take office (and no I didn’t care or vote for that “female demon creature” who won the popular vote either).  Most Americans are royally POed because they feel Russia rigged and/or meddled in the election, but feel it’s perfectly OK for the US to topple, assassinate and/or meddle in the elections and affairs of governments in other countries, extremely hypocritical if you ask me. 
The Department Of Veterans Affairs is still just as corrupted as it’s even been.

And in the words of one Sonny & Cher “The Beat Goes One”

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