I Hate Old Age, Sickness & All That It Brings With It:

Posted by on April 24, 2017

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I don’t feel sorry for Jerry Lewis, or any of the rich senior citizens who live into their 90’s.  They have round the clock caregivers who take care of their every need, however for the poor it another ball game altogether.  Mother Teresa once refused a patient pain medication instead telling the patient that his pain was Jesus kissing him, to which he replied “Would you please tell Jesus to stop kissing me”.  For a senior citizen living below the poverty line Asthma, Bronchitis and COPD are no fun things to deal with anymore than Chronic Fatigue and full blown depression, all of which strips away the quality of life of the sufferer.   Locations like Morrilton AR and environments, living with family members and being unable to bath because of Chronic Fatigue and COPD all play a roll in aggravating depression.  Point that out to people in this nowhere hell hole town and they just tell you “If I hated Morrilton that bad I’d get my ass of out it”.  Well my reply to that is “By God my ass was out of it, and out of Arkansas as well, more times that I can to count”.  When people from Morrilton found out where I was the evil from Morrilton reached out and fucked up every God Damned thing, until there was no other option other than to come crawling back to Morrilton, where I am not really wanted but merely tolerated.  Why can’t I just die and get out of everyone life so no one has to be bothered with me anymore.  My roots are not in Morrilton, most of my immediate family are dead now and people here refuse to believe Psychic Vampires controll this evil rotten little nowhere prison town.  People like me are written up as psychotic and delusional, evil lives and thrives in this miserable little hell hole town.  When people like me are no longer useful, we’re killed off through disease, in piecemeal no less.  Than let death come and take me, for I’m strictly fed up with being locked into Morrilton and barely able to even go out of the house, guess the God Damned Cowardly Doppelgänger or the Psychic Vampire is to God Damned afraid of running into me now.  All who read this will think me just another one of those crazy Vietnam veterans, until it happens to you and by then of course it will be to late.  Bring on World War III and bring an end to this unholy world we are all existing in, the rich get richer and the poor get shit all over.  Veterans live on the streets in poverty and their children draw fat monthly checks from the VA because of them, as do the the assisted living centers and the veteran gets maybe 95 dollars a month if he’s lucky, everybody makes a dollar off of the veteran, except the veteran him/herself, we’re fucked out of all of the money.  The only thing welcome in the GLBTQ community is our money.   As for the gay veteran well we’ve never been welcome among them, nor are we even welcome in the Bisexual community, least ways I’ve never been welcome among them, most assuredly not welcome among the straight community.

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