21 people indicted on charges of Methamphetamine by the DEA:

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21 people indicted on charges of Methamphetamine by the DEA two of them are from Morrilton, “exciting isn’t it”. I’m sitting here wondering what VIP’s oh so sensitive well manicured toes got stepped on and how many are calling in favors with their connections and/or crooked paid for attorney’s and judges and get off with a slap on the wrist, how many out of that 21 will actually get a one way buss trip with a number waiting for them at the end of that ride. Could this be some form of angry ego trip retaliation because of Colorado and Washington State legalizing marijuana for recreational usage?  Nice try DEA, however there are thousands of users here in Arkansas you obviously chose not to go near with more than a good deal of them in your own circles. Not to mention the crack houses and dealers throughout the state that supply them and it’s always a measly 21 to maybe 24 people that get busted once in a blue moon well I give the DEA an E for effort and very little of it at that.  Anyone notice the smug patting on the back picture on the news of the DEA people and the state police person involved, strange how you DEA people with all of your technological gizmos, advanced law enforcement training, money invested (excuse me, tax dollars down the drain) over a year in the making, highly complicated or developed: complex sophisticated electronic devices, and sophisticated nation wide network of contacts can only manage a measly teeny tiny little 21 people.

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Last modified on February 21, 2016

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