VA Claims Are Being Held Hostage In Atlanta.

Posted by R Gilbert on January 17, 2016

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My claims for Service Connected Disability are be held hostage in the same way it was in New Orleans, while other veterans had their claims awarded, some who filed long after mine was filed. The truth is you buffoons never had any intention of awarding any kind of Service Connected claims. The fact is those rotten buffoons never had any intention of awarding any kind of claims. My non-service connected claim by all rights should have been retroactive to when it was wrongly terminated on June 1982. However those buffoons in the VA went out of their way to make it the lowest possible rating they could give it.

Those corrupted Jackass bastards in the North Little Rock VA Regional made sure my younger brother didn’t get compensation until he was laying on his deathbed. Then those greedy VA Klan and hate group controlled VA Egor’s from Frankenstein’s laboratory denied him the 250 dollar burial allowance. That’s just how low and disgraceful The Department Of Veterans Affairs is.

I’m wondering if those buffoons here in Atlanta are going to pull the same shit on me, those Neanderthal Buffoons in North Little Rock pulled on my younger brother. That is string me out until I’m on my deathbed, deny it and then deny me the 250 dollar burial allowance as well. Because its giving every indication that’s the way its going to be. The certainly have every kind of medical evidence to make a decision and even then those people will make the lowest possible rating they can legally get away with, probably no higher than 10 or 15%.

The lying slut bitch closet queer coward out of Arkansas who’s been drawing compensation under my name & file number isn’t about to give an inch. Certainly not on VA compensation it would take away to much of his fraking power and to much fraking money not coming into his pocket from the VA. Naturally I don’t expect those Atlanta VA Jackass’s to admit that, however there is to much big power involved in these claims (lying, thieving cowards) and most all of it is all out corrupted power, money and contacts under the table and through the FBI, The Postal Service in the diseased ridden living graveyard and The Department Of Veterans Affairs itself most assuredly through The North Little Rock VA Regional Office.  The lying slut bitch closet queer coward has followed me to my present location or sent one of his flunky’s, and is now doing his best to cause trouble for me here,  Being locked in poverty however,  I haven’t the means or resources to discovery who he is and shut his ass down.  In the mean time I’m written up as delusional or psychotic by my VA shrink and the slut bitch closet queer coward continues to get away with his underhanded under the table dirty business and its business as usual for him.  Well all things do end eventually as will his free ride and not even he has the power to make it last forever, all he can do is continue to cause his hell from behind the scenes undercover from his darkened closet and make it feel and seem like forever.

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VA’s New Paperless Claim System Has Nearly Doubled in Costs

Posted by R Gilbert on January 14, 2016

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The agency’s deputy IG told lawmakers the billion-dollar (and counting) system may not be worth the money.


The Department of Veterans Affairs may finally have good news to share, but lawmakers are balking at the price tag.

Jack Moore is Nextgov’s news editor. Full Bio

Total costs for a digital system used to process veterans’ disability claims that officials say has been key to slashing a massive VA backlog are nearly double the initial estimates.

And VA, which has continued to make upgrades to the system under an “agile” software development methodology, still can’t say how much the system will end up costing, according to auditors.

VA has spent more than $1 billion developing and maintaining the Veterans Benefits Management System, or VBMS, since 2009. The agency has requested an additional $290 million this year for continued tweaks to the system, which was initially projected to cost $579 million.

Read The Full At DefenseOne

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Intel Core i5-6600K Skylake Processor 3.5GHz 8.0GT/s 6MB LGA 1151 CPU w/o Fan, Retail

Posted by R Gilbert on January 1, 2016

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Ordered the new CPU the Intel Core i5-6600K Skylake Processor 3.50GHz for the Maximus VIII Hero LGA 1151 Intel Z170 Motherboard this morning. Chomping at the bits toI5-6600KBX_LG install it and test out the new Motherboard.  This CPU comes without the Fan, bear that in mind when ordering and you will need to purchase an aftermarket  heatsink. This wasn’t a problem for me as a friend had already shipped the Corsair Hydro 140mm liquid cooling system to me for this particular  build.  I ordered this one from at 259.95, SupperBiiz has now rised their price tag up to 269.99 and free shipping and still at a substantially lower price tag over NewEgg’s price tag of 279.99   Not even sure I want to even mess with the H105, with my hands as nervous as they’ve become. 

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Posted by R Gilbert on November 9, 2015

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P_setting_000_1_90_end_500.pngI can’t speak with any experience on how this board is going to perform however this is the current motherboard I recently purchased from Maximus VIII HERO Z170 although I read some very positive reviews and very few cons from those who have completed a build using the Maximus VIII HERO Z170.  I will update this article after I have completed the computer build. I plan on installing the Corsair H105 liquid cooling system for the Skylark Intel i5 CPU people this CPU is selling out faster than pancakes coming through The International House Of Pancakes.  Included in the build will also be the ROG O C Panel and completing the build with the Windows 7 64 bit operating system, as I have no intention of going any where’s near Windows 10, to many bad reviews about that one.  Although at this point I haven’t decided which brand of RAM to use, I’m seriously considering Ripjaw or Trident, finally decided to go with Corsair Vengeance RAM.

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Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth Blender 70505 A Piece Of Crap:

Posted by R Gilbert on September 5, 2015

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More ripoff reporting time.  Ordered this Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth 14 cup blender model 70505.  Plugged it in and nothing happened after contactingk2-_c040a864-6a53-4a86-9e87-b46900f507c5.v1 Hamilton Beach Support they sent me a brand new one and imagine my complete surprise when I plugged it up and guess what, you got it same old problem.  Hamilton Beach products obviously are a complete waste of time and money.  Stick with Black & Decker or the more expensive Kitchen Aid kitchen appliances.

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Latest MSA 30X Complaint Filed

Posted by R Gilbert on September 4, 2015

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msa-272x200Rip Off Artists

I purchased the msa 30x for my wife who is hard of hearing and thought the thing would help her watch and hear television better, i sent off for the thing, and it wasn’t helping her so we shipped it back, i had the tracking number from the post office and it showed they received the product i just wanted my refund.

It has been over 4 months and still no refund, i sent them a hand written letter stating i sent the product back had proof they received it and still no refund.

Read The Full Complaint At

On a personal note:  I had considered ordering a pair of these myself, that is until I did some research for any consumer complaints.  Not only did I find one which I’m including in here, I found several more.  This is another one of those television ripoff products.  Always research consumer complaints first before giving your credit card info, when thinking about ordering one of those so call to good to be true deals from television.  If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Posted by R Gilbert on August 14, 2015

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My current system running 16 gig’s of Corsair RAM

I ordered this copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, from eBay about four or five months ago. To say the least it feels weird as hell talking into my computer. As far as Dragon NaturallySpeaking doing what the commercials say it will do they are right on NaturallySpeaking does precisely what the commentators say it does. In fact I’m using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate this short review. I’ve only learned a very short list of the commands that can be given in NaturallySpeaking. For a CEO I suppose this would be a dream come true for dictating memos, and emails. Speed depends on the power of the computer, 1 GB of RAM is required although greater than that is highly recommended. I’m running 16 GB’s of RAM with an Intel dual core i5 CPU and I still can’t tell any difference in speed.  Although it’s true some words have to be added to Dragon’s vocabulary, Dragon contains a huge vocabulary of words and spelling errors and few to none existent.  As some of you have already read the program does make a few mistake, the above word four was typed (for) wish I could say the program produces error free documents, truth is however the program has to be trained and still doesn’t recognize sound a like words..

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The Diseased Ridden Living Graveyard Makes 10 Worst Of The Worst Cities To Live In List:

Posted by R Gilbert on July 23, 2015

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Morrilton, The Diseased Ridden Living Graveyard.

Morrilton, The Diseased Ridden Living Graveyard.

Arkansas is known as the “Natural State”, and it’s often easy to see why: there’s an absolute abundance of natural scenic beauty, clear lakes and streams, and fascinating wildlife. But, unfortunately, there are some cities and towns that are better places to live in Arkansas than others. Using scientific data, we’ve compiled a list of the worst places to live in Arkansas.  These are the 10 worst places you don’t want to end up living in for reasons like high crime and unemployment rates, along with lack of access to quality education.  Here are the worst of the worst in Arkansas:

On a personal note: Something I’ve known since returning from the military in 1969, so this shit comes as old news to me. City government and local law enforcement carry out a great deal of the true crimes. When those in the “Inner Circle” in the Court House say jump! Attorneys, those in the Sheriffs Office, local police and police chief and city planners say “How High”. This one city has destroyed, & stolen more dreams and ruined more lives than I even care to try and put a number to. I call it the sister city to Pine Bluff also referred to by some as “Crime Bluff”. The survey also forgot to add lack of good Health Care, the local hospital is little more than a Band-Aid Station even though it loosely calls itself a “Trauma Center”, Yeah right if you weren’t traumatized before gong into it you would be after coming out of it. Use the hospital in Conway (Conway Regional) heading east of the living graveyard, at least you can expect to get treated with respect and decent helpful doctors and staff and receive good healthcare. I was ecstatically utterly overjoyed to learn this when it was brought to my attention. Now maybe tons of outsiders in the haters state will know what I’ve know for decades and what I and my family had to put up with since the mid 1950’s. It’s like driving off into a cesspool of quicksand that makes it almost impossible to ever become free of, and all it does is suck you further and further down, deeper and deeper as it slowly sucks all of the life, all of the hope, all of the joy away, and replaces it with fear, depression, sickness and total despair.


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SCOTUS Make’s It Official, Same Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide:

Posted by R Gilbert on June 26, 2015

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Now that SCOTUS has made same sex marriage legal Nationwide Dolly Parton get’s her wish, “they should have to suffer like the rest of us” or words to that effect.  As for myself I choose not to suffer with all of the rest of them, marriage is OK for them that wants it, however I’m a die hard loveable old Cesar Romero type bachelor to the bitter end.  Besides all of the young good looking one’s are now dried up dirty minded ugly old crabby assed cellulite geezers like me LMAO.  I doubt if it will make any of the (closet queers)  in the living graveyard 50 miles west of Little Rock, AR happy though. Not to mention some of those in Little Rock as well as Conway and Russellville.  Why?   Because if they want to keep all of the things they’ve stolen and had dumped in their laps by the bucket fulls through the years they will damned well stay in the closet.  And that does include some of those religious leaders and a great deal of the church congregations in that little town with no limits on how much you can hate and stab your neighbors in the back.  I turned my back on that hate filled little backwater diseased ridden living graveyard town a few years after I returned from the military.  When I was forced back to it in early 2003 by a slut bitch self loathing, self hating closet queer coward in or near it, I closed and locked my doors and mind to that living graveyard town and those people in it forever.  Even to the few who came to my door in the wee hours of the morning when they thought no one would know, wanting to drop their pants, drop a load and go.   If they’re to ashamed to be seen coming to my door in the light of day, I’m to ashamed to be opening my door for them in the wee hours of the morning.  I’ll take extreme delight in reading about a veteran same sex  couple bringing charges against the North Little Rock VA Regional Office, and that entire bunch of Neanderthal Dixie Mafia idiots that control it.  And it doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, sue the pants off of them whoever you turn out to be.

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Why I Hate The Veterans Administration:

Posted by R Gilbert on June 15, 2015

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Read this headline on World News Why so many African leaders hate the International Criminal Court.  Well here is my reason, because the African leaders are getting a royal fucking the same way veterans have been given a royal fucking through the VA for decades.  OK so World News couldn’t put that in print however basically speaking and in a nutshell that is precisely what it all boils down to.  That’s also the primary reason why I hate The Veterans Administration, they close out a claim for Service Connected Disability on the grounds there’s no evidence to support the veterans claim.  Refusing to even use, see or look at new medical  records instead falling back on old outdated records from Twenty or Thirty years in the past.  That’s only one of the ways the VA fuck’s the veterans out of service connected disability, other ways used by VA psychiatrist and psychologist is refusing to use the term PTSD,  instead they write the veteran up with personality disorder, psychotic, delusional and a host of other medical labels, never once even thinking of adding or going near one simple abbreviation, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Refusing to acknowledge even the smallest possibility of any trauma sustained while serving in the military.  Why because the God Damned Neanderthals are greedy money grubbing bastards, money paid out to a veteran is money not coming into their pockets, it’s also almost impossible to fire senior VA employee’s so why should VA employee’s give a shit how the veteran get fucked,(medically or otherwise) as long as they keep congress and Senate happy with falsified reports nothing is going to be done about it, VA employee’s sure as hell aren’t going to loose any sleep over it.

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